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Preserve Toothbrushes and Razors!
November 11, 2010, 6:19 pm
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I am so honored to be selling products from Preserve! They are affordable and are so amazing! Why are they amazing? Well first off, they are made from yogurt cups! Many Yogurt cups are not able to be recycled because they are not accepted by the local recycling companies. So even people who make an attempt to recycle have to throw these away. These yogurt cups may take hundreds of years to decompose! But Preserve gives us another option. If you live near a Whole Foods…you can recycle all of you #5 plastics thanks to their Gimme5 Program! There are stations at every Whole Foods and the program is expanding to other stores!I will keep you updated on this. So they take these #5 plastics to make their wonderful products!

MooPig Naturals supplies the toothbrushes and razors right now but we will expand upon these products. We carry both adult and child toothbrushes and the razors are meant for both men and women. The adult toothbrushes come in postage paid mail back envelopes! When you are done with the toothbrush..just simply put it in the supplied envelope and drop it in the mail! No more toothbrushes in the garbage!

In terms of the razors..they can be recycled at a local Whole Foods or mailed back to the company along with any other #5 plastics. Unfortunately at this time, they ask you to cover the shipping but I dont imagine empty containers to really weigh a lot. Do your part and send #5 plastics back to Preserve once a month rather than send them to the landfills! If you live near a Whole Foods then there is no cost for you.

I always stress that we should all support amazing companies and Preserve is going above and beyond with their programs and products. Nothing is wasted!!! Check out their toothbrushes and razors at MooPig Naturals!

Click this link for Toothbrushes: TOOTHBRUSHES

Click this link for Razors: RAZORS

Mail back your #5 plastics!!

Preserve Gimme 5
823 NYS Rte 13
Cortland, NY 13045


Fetal Pig Dissection…FOR KIDS!
November 6, 2010, 6:27 pm
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This just confused me to know end. I went to school for elementary teaching…spent a great deal of time in classrooms and worked in a middle school for 2 years…and I just dont understand this. I came across this link where it was showing these pictures of children about to dissect a fetal pig. The kids were posing with it…laughing…joking around…with this tiny pig that did not even get a chance at life. I really do not get it. I understand that a pig has a lot of similarities to the human body structure…but these similarities are just tossed out the window when someone brings up emotions or ability to feel pain. I was just deeply hurt and confused. Check it out…you have to scroll down to see the pictures.

Letter to Anyone Who Harms Animals
November 5, 2010, 5:42 pm
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Dear…Anyone who does any harm to animals…

Lab workers who argue for animal testing show studies of how similar animals are to us. You test on animals and use these findings in treating people as well as approving products for human use. When we ask why. You say that animals have similar bodies than us. Pigs are dissected because they have the same muscle structure as us, liver, intestines, stomach, spleen, and lungs. You test on sheep and dissect them because they have the same heart as us, eyes, and the structure of the brain. We have endless similarities with monkeys, so you test on them and perform horrible surgeries without caring for the monkey. Any FDA approved product needs to be tested on animals because you say that we are SO similar. But let me ask you something. If we have the same structure as these animals, and the same genetic make up…then why is it so easy for you to be blind to their feelings, pain, and the fact that they deserve life just as much as we do.

However, when it comes to eating these similar beings. We are instructed on how DIFFERENT we are than animals. You say animals do not deserve to live and that they are here for us to use and eat. You say that we are part of the food chain and we are supposed to eat animals. You call chickens dumb and tell me that they know no difference between living and dying. You tell me that these animals really have no clue what is going on. And people believe you! Well I don’t…not for one second.

We walk in the grocery store with death lining the back end of the store. On the right side is the milk that is meant for baby cows yet we consume it as adults in large quantities. We consume more milk than any baby cow receives. We put a price tag on this death that is packaged so neatly in Styrofoam and cellophane. Then we buy this death and feed it to our selves and the people we love. And we support the actions that you all take part in. We support it all and we buy into your brain washing marketing schemes.

Well I am not.

I am a Vegan. I am an animal lover. I do not eat my friends and I do not support YOU. I will tell everyone I can about what you are doing and you will soon be broke. People will wake up and come out of the cloud you put upon their minds. I promise you.


A Lover of Life, A Lover of the Living, and a Vegan.

Why is Nail Polish So Bad?
November 4, 2010, 12:20 am
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I am a big fan of polish on my nails. I will not be caught dead out of the house in flip flops without my toe nails painted. I feel like my toes are naked! However after learning about the horrible chemicals in nail

polish, I went without polish for 6 months. But really…I missed it. I had a Sunday ritual where I would sit and watch TV and paint all 20 of my was relaxing to me…even though I held my breath for half the time to prevent a head ache and nausea, and had to ventilate my room with the windows open in the dead of winter….and not to mention that time I spilled nail polish remover on my couch and it smelled so bad for weeks. So MAYBE it wasn’t the most relaxing memory in my life but i really do like having my nails painted!! 🙂

So what is in Nail Polish? Well for starters, some have formaldehyde. In tests (involving animals) they found that this ingredient caused cancer. It also may irritate your nose and throat and cause breathing to become difficult. The second ingredient to watch out for is Toluene. This has been known to cause birth defects in lab animals as well as skin irritation. The third is Dibutyl Phthalate which is used to soften plastic. Gee I wonder what it is doing to our nails? This has been linked to early puberty in girls and uterine problems in women.

Notice that these are all tested on animals! So sad. The chemicals are so toxic! I remember I thought it was normal for my nails to become soft, brittle, and yellow after using nail polish. This was just because of all of the chemicals! It strips your nail and causes it to be super weak. Especially those that are in nail salons.

Luckily many have stepped up to the plate to reformulate their polish. OPI has gotten rid of these three toxic ingredients for the most part but you can still find Formaldehyde in their nail hardeners even though they claim it is a safe amount. Which…is there really a safe amount of this? However they are not Vegan so they do contain carmine (from boiling a certain insect).

My favorite nail polish EVER is Priti!!! I sell them at MooPig Naturals and I wear it everyday! Their soy polish remover is amazing..I would stick my nose in that bottle! (Weird) And the polish goes on similar to OPI and stays on. They have awesome colors and I just made an order for fun fall colors! They are Cruelty Free and Vegan and have none of the nasty toxic chemicals. Most of all they do not leave your nails yellow or brittle and the soy remover actually moisturizes your nails rather than kills them! I love!

MooPig Naturals sells them for 11.99 which is around the price of OPI and other high end nail polish companies. Cheaper than most that Sephora offers. And you are supporting a vegan company!

Click here to be brought to the Priti line! And watch for fall colors coming soon!

MooPig Naturals Dedicates November to the McCruelty Campaign
October 28, 2010, 1:29 am
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MooPig Naturals will be doing a lot of activist work which I am very excited for. I just came from The Walk for Farm Animals which was an amazing experience. I will blog about this another time! But I want to devote November to the McCruelty Campaign. PETA released undercover footage of the torture that chickens experience before their un-deserved death. I watched the video and then thought “I need to do something about this!”

I remember going to McDonalds as a young girl on a weekly basis. It was bad I know. But as a child, I LOVED McDonalds. I mean, I knew nothing about meat..I saw it as a tasty food. The meal came in a box with cool pictures on it. Not to mention THE TOY! I mean I remember I used to collect TY Beanie Babies and when McDonalds was giving themaway. I begged my mom to take me there a few times that month just to get the toys! THEN! THEN! Our local McDonalds built a playground inside. I thought it was the coolest thing! I went with all my friends and we played in the ball pit and went down the huge twisty slide. I thought there was NOTHING wrong with McDonalds…it was clearly the best. Right? McDonalds spends so much money on their marketing tools to basically brainwash people.

Well if they can brainwash then we can battle that and expose the truth!

Now I cannot think of one good thing about McDonalds! Even their charity work is just a cover for the crappy things they are

doing. I understand that fast food is made….well fast. But the factory farms connected with McDonalds simply suck. They use outdated measures to kill the chickens which makes it cheap and fast for the company BUT horrible for the chickens. And you do not have to be an animal lover to worry…the conditions are disgusting and bacteria, antibiotics, hormones, and poop are all up in that food!

Birds are shackled, and their necks are cut. Most are still alive while they are dumped in a pool of boiling water. What a horrible death for these beautiful chickens that deserve life just as much as we do.

So all of this for what? Food that is aiding in the increase of obese children AND adults. Have you NOT seen Supersize me? And I really do not know how kids can play on that playground after eating such a meal. Thanks McDonalds for filling me with energy zapping dead foods and then putting a playground right in front of me. McDonalds is growing bigger and bigger and so is the obesity epidemic. These chickens have to die a painful torturous death for the cost of making our population unhealthy. Just so McDonalds can profit. They are so selfish. And then they act like they care with their charity work where they send a scary psycho clown to hospitals to…cheer up the sick children?

Help me in this campaign. The more the better! Here is what you can do!

Hand out Leaflets!

Write to them!

More Ways to Help Here:

Take a Stand!

Letter From A Vegan To Their Meat Eating Lovers
September 30, 2010, 11:34 pm
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This is fake and just for fun…however true 🙂

Dear My Meat Eating Lover,

I am so happy that we have began this relationship. I am excited for the journeys that we will go on together and the fun that we will have! Before we begin though, I must warn you that I am not a normal individual. Please read through the following statements to determine if I am truly a match for you.

Consider yourself warned that as a vegan I…

  1. I will have a crazy amount of energy. Sometimes you will want to kick me for this. Even though I have a lot of energy, I will still sleep like a baby.

  2. I will never get sick. So if you like “taking care of me” please take up a job as a volunteer nurse. You will sometimes think I am inhuman because of this.

  3. Remember in elementary school when you stood folders up surrounding your paper so no one would cheat off of you? Please bring them to the dinner table if you plan on eating meat.

  4. I will talk to my animals as if they were one of my own children. Live with it.

  5. I will age well almost like Edward Cullen. This can be good for you in the long run since many will think you scored a young, hot, mama.

  6. My farts will smell like grass and I may have many of them.

  7. As a result of the phytochemicals that I will often ingest, I will heal from any injuries extremely fast. This may also make you think I am inhuman.

  8. I will run circles around your butt if you ever decide to work out with me.

  9. Lets never schedule joint check ups at the Doctor. No matter how cute that is…you will leave feeling miserable about your health and I will leave feeling like a cocky jerk.

  10. I will never get fat. Ever…and I mean NEVER. Keep that in mind.

  11. And I will live longer than you. Simply said.

If you still want to carry out this relationship, please give me a call. If not, I am sure there are some chubby, wrinkly, lazy meat eaters out there for you to have fun with. I wish you all the best and hope that you are still awake by the end of this letter.

Love Always,

Your Vegan Lover

What Would You Say If I Just Told You That I Ate My Own Arm and then My Dog?
September 29, 2010, 3:07 pm
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Eating People?

Seriously…what would you say? You would probably think I have mental problems and call the nearest mental hospital. But in reality…how is this different. Okay I guess eating my OWN arm may mean that I am a bit mental…but what if I ate a friend’s arm. What if I went up to someone in Starbucks and just started chewing on their arms. Is it different than eating meat? Nope it is not. The only difference is that it is REALLY not accepted in our society. Obviously you know this. If human arms were prepackaged and put in the meat isle…it would be the same concept as eating a steak. Sure we are eating our own species but so do animals in factory farms. They are fed a nice little mix of all types of animal parts. Especially pigs. So in a nutshell…eating a person is not very different than eating a cow. Same organs, we have blood, we were once living, have emotions….Eat Me? NO!

If I ate my dog…I would be all over the news. But isnt that the same thing as raising a pig and eating it? Why is it that a dog will make the news but not a pig…or a cow..or a chicken. How did dogs get this label of being like a family member but the SECOND a pig is born, it is seen as bacon. This annoys me to no end.

I talk to a lot of 3 year olds. They see pigs as piggies…cows as cows…dogs as puppies…and chickens as birdies. They have not made that mental connection between the burger they eat and the cow sticker on their lunch boxes. Why can’t we see the animals as what they are without putting some sort of food label on them.

My dream in life is that this will happen. I hope that one day, all animals are brought into this world for the sole purpose of living. I hope that our farm animal population dramatically decreases. Not because they have all been killed but because less will be brought into this world…meaning less will be slaughtered…meaning less will have miserable unfair lives. And the ones that are born will live the life that they deserve.