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MooPig Naturals Dedicates November to the McCruelty Campaign
October 28, 2010, 1:29 am
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MooPig Naturals will be doing a lot of activist work which I am very excited for. I just came from The Walk for Farm Animals which was an amazing experience. I will blog about this another time! But I want to devote November to the McCruelty Campaign. PETA released undercover footage of the torture that chickens experience before their un-deserved death. I watched the video and then thought “I need to do something about this!”

I remember going to McDonalds as a young girl on a weekly basis. It was bad I know. But as a child, I LOVED McDonalds. I mean, I knew nothing about meat..I saw it as a tasty food. The meal came in a box with cool pictures on it. Not to mention THE TOY! I mean I remember I used to collect TY Beanie Babies and when McDonalds was giving themaway. I begged my mom to take me there a few times that month just to get the toys! THEN! THEN! Our local McDonalds built a playground inside. I thought it was the coolest thing! I went with all my friends and we played in the ball pit and went down the huge twisty slide. I thought there was NOTHING wrong with McDonalds…it was clearly the best. Right? McDonalds spends so much money on their marketing tools to basically brainwash people.

Well if they can brainwash then we can battle that and expose the truth!

Now I cannot think of one good thing about McDonalds! Even their charity work is just a cover for the crappy things they are

doing. I understand that fast food is made….well fast. But the factory farms connected with McDonalds simply suck. They use outdated measures to kill the chickens which makes it cheap and fast for the company BUT horrible for the chickens. And you do not have to be an animal lover to worry…the conditions are disgusting and bacteria, antibiotics, hormones, and poop are all up in that food!

Birds are shackled, and their necks are cut. Most are still alive while they are dumped in a pool of boiling water. What a horrible death for these beautiful chickens that deserve life just as much as we do.

So all of this for what? Food that is aiding in the increase of obese children AND adults. Have you NOT seen Supersize me? And I really do not know how kids can play on that playground after eating such a meal. Thanks McDonalds for filling me with energy zapping dead foods and then putting a playground right in front of me. McDonalds is growing bigger and bigger and so is the obesity epidemic. These chickens have to die a painful torturous death for the cost of making our population unhealthy. Just so McDonalds can profit. They are so selfish. And then they act like they care with their charity work where they send a scary psycho clown to hospitals to…cheer up the sick children?

Help me in this campaign. The more the better! Here is what you can do!

Hand out Leaflets!

Write to them!

More Ways to Help Here:

Take a Stand!


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