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Letter From A Vegan To Their Meat Eating Lovers
September 30, 2010, 11:34 pm
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This is fake and just for fun…however true 🙂

Dear My Meat Eating Lover,

I am so happy that we have began this relationship. I am excited for the journeys that we will go on together and the fun that we will have! Before we begin though, I must warn you that I am not a normal individual. Please read through the following statements to determine if I am truly a match for you.

Consider yourself warned that as a vegan I…

  1. I will have a crazy amount of energy. Sometimes you will want to kick me for this. Even though I have a lot of energy, I will still sleep like a baby.

  2. I will never get sick. So if you like “taking care of me” please take up a job as a volunteer nurse. You will sometimes think I am inhuman because of this.

  3. Remember in elementary school when you stood folders up surrounding your paper so no one would cheat off of you? Please bring them to the dinner table if you plan on eating meat.

  4. I will talk to my animals as if they were one of my own children. Live with it.

  5. I will age well almost like Edward Cullen. This can be good for you in the long run since many will think you scored a young, hot, mama.

  6. My farts will smell like grass and I may have many of them.

  7. As a result of the phytochemicals that I will often ingest, I will heal from any injuries extremely fast. This may also make you think I am inhuman.

  8. I will run circles around your butt if you ever decide to work out with me.

  9. Lets never schedule joint check ups at the Doctor. No matter how cute that is…you will leave feeling miserable about your health and I will leave feeling like a cocky jerk.

  10. I will never get fat. Ever…and I mean NEVER. Keep that in mind.

  11. And I will live longer than you. Simply said.

If you still want to carry out this relationship, please give me a call. If not, I am sure there are some chubby, wrinkly, lazy meat eaters out there for you to have fun with. I wish you all the best and hope that you are still awake by the end of this letter.

Love Always,

Your Vegan Lover


What Would You Say If I Just Told You That I Ate My Own Arm and then My Dog?
September 29, 2010, 3:07 pm
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Eating People?

Seriously…what would you say? You would probably think I have mental problems and call the nearest mental hospital. But in reality…how is this different. Okay I guess eating my OWN arm may mean that I am a bit mental…but what if I ate a friend’s arm. What if I went up to someone in Starbucks and just started chewing on their arms. Is it different than eating meat? Nope it is not. The only difference is that it is REALLY not accepted in our society. Obviously you know this. If human arms were prepackaged and put in the meat isle…it would be the same concept as eating a steak. Sure we are eating our own species but so do animals in factory farms. They are fed a nice little mix of all types of animal parts. Especially pigs. So in a nutshell…eating a person is not very different than eating a cow. Same organs, we have blood, we were once living, have emotions….Eat Me? NO!

If I ate my dog…I would be all over the news. But isnt that the same thing as raising a pig and eating it? Why is it that a dog will make the news but not a pig…or a cow..or a chicken. How did dogs get this label of being like a family member but the SECOND a pig is born, it is seen as bacon. This annoys me to no end.

I talk to a lot of 3 year olds. They see pigs as piggies…cows as cows…dogs as puppies…and chickens as birdies. They have not made that mental connection between the burger they eat and the cow sticker on their lunch boxes. Why can’t we see the animals as what they are without putting some sort of food label on them.

My dream in life is that this will happen. I hope that one day, all animals are brought into this world for the sole purpose of living. I hope that our farm animal population dramatically decreases. Not because they have all been killed but because less will be brought into this world…meaning less will be slaughtered…meaning less will have miserable unfair lives. And the ones that are born will live the life that they deserve.

“I Would Never Leaver Her at a Factory Farm…”
September 28, 2010, 7:03 pm
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This year, I began my love for Farmer’s Markets. I go to one where there are vendors from the local area who have some of the best tasting veggies around 🙂 It is so great to speak with the farmers that are supplying my food and to learn about where my food is coming from. At the Farmer’s Market, there are of course, meat vendors. They brag about their humane practices and toss words around such as “grass fed” and “cage free.” I see people buying with a smile on their face, with the thought that they are doing some awesome deed for the day.

So is buying meat from a Farmer’s Market an awesome deed?

It is a slight step up from buying from a factory farm but far from an awesome deed for you OR the animal that had to die. The fact of the matter is, you are chewing dead, decomposing flesh. How is that for yummy! These animals were still seen as a profit….and food.

Upon arrival at the farm, I saw some goats tied to a tree. All of the people and children were crowding around these beautiful goats and commenting on how friendly they were. I went over and pet the goats and of course instantly fell in love with them. They loved the back of their ears scratched and nudged my arm when I thought I was done with their back rubs 🙂 Of course their cuteness won me over and I continued.

Soon the lady who owned them began talking to me about how much she loves her babies. I was like WOW AWESOME WOMAN. So then this “love for her babies” included the following “loving practices”

  1. I would never drop them at a factory farm. (Still loved the lady)

  2. Sometimes I even bring them into my house to watch television with me. (Almost hugged the lady with joy)

  3. But ya knowwwwwww…(uh oh)

  4. In this tough economy…(MOTHER EFFERRR)

  5. Just a shot right to their heads they do not feel anything…(YOU BITCH!!!!)

I was so mad since I totally read this lady wrong. I was practically going to “friend propose” to her and then she lays that horrible news on me!!!!! How the hell do you love your babies and then shoot them in the head! I sure hope you do not have children!!! So i immediately said I was a vegan and gave her a nice little speech about it and walked away feeling very very sorry for the poor goats.

MooPig is Raising Money for The Farm Sanctuary!
September 27, 2010, 6:45 pm
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I started a team to walk in Central Park, NYC on October 24th to raise money for the Farm Sanctuary! Please sponsor my team or join it! All of the money goes directly to the Farm Sanctuary! Here is the link.


If you will be in the area, join our team! It is a $15 donation and this includes your registration, a shirt,vegan food, and access to watch the presenters. INCLUDING GENE BAUR!!!!!!! He is the co-founder of The Farm Sanctuary! MooPigs has a goal of $500 and we are determined to reach it!


Watch this Powerful Video by The Farm Sanctuary
September 27, 2010, 6:36 pm
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I am lucky enough to live only a few hours away from The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. I am a huge fan of this place and I love all that they do. Before going here, I flirted with the idea of becoming a Vegan and knew that one day I would be one. However, I needed that extra push. After spending 10 minutes here, I was hooked! I knew that I did not want to contribute to the suffering of animals in any way. By eating dairy and buying non-vegan products, I was supporting companies that did the exact opposite of everything I am fighting for. I suggest everyone, no matter where you visit The Farm Sanctuary or a place like it. It is such a beautiful place. They save animals that are being abused and most times the animals are near death. They are given a chance at the life they deserve. We all want to live a happy life and it is not fair that many animals are not given that chance.

Watch this powerful video. It brought tears to my eyes!

The Gift of Life
September 27, 2010, 3:05 am
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We have seen it plenty of times…in real life, in movies, in books…it is every child’s dream. I am talking about a gift of some cute little furry animal. Honestly when I was little, I asked for a new animal every single birthday and Christmas. But in reality this is another way for animals to be exploited as objects. They are sometimes seen as something that will spark happiness upon arrival however the care of a living animal is sometimes put on the back burner. This is an interesting subject because animals are in need of homes however they are helpless creatures and once domesticated, need care. The problem lies in the obsession with breeding these cute little animals. They are seen the same way an ipod is. Produce more…to get more money…without caring where they are going.

Today I was on a hike and came across two ferrets walking all over the trails. They were starved and were going up to people begging for food. I knew I couldn’t just walk away from this so my dad and I got someone to help. The lady was affiliated with a Ferret Rescue group. I am guessing someone bought these two ferrets however did not realize their maintenance and let them go in the wild…where they really had zero chance for survival.

They are now in good hands and have access to food and water. So I am happy 🙂

What do you think of the pet industry?

Beauty Companies That Participate the Most in Animal Testing
September 25, 2010, 1:55 am
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The reason why I am starting MooPig Naturals is to show people that you can conveniently buy quality products that are absolutely cruelty free and do not contain any animal products. I knew that there were a lot of companies out there that refuse to hurt animals. Through ordering products for MooPig Naturals, I realized that there were more than I thought, which is awesome. Sadly, there are also a lot of popular beauty brands that use animal testing in order to determine their products’ safety. As you know..I think it is a load of crap and no life should be taken for testing. Here is a list of the top beauty companies and their product labels.

Lancome Paris

Loreal Paris



Ralph Lauren

Garnier Fructis

Matrix Essentials

Max Factor


Clean and Clear Products


Neutrogena Products

 These are many of the companies which administer the MOST tests on animals. Any of these products look familiar? I bet MANY or ALL of them do. As you can see, these are the most popular products that you see in stores all around the world. Many of these companies come out with natural product lines after they add a few essential oils and flower extracts. Consumers mistake these natural looking bottles with their earthy colors for environmentally friendly products. However, they test on animals like crazy.

Again, this is exactly why my dream is to create a store that does the research for you. MooPig Naturals will not sell anything that is cruel in any way to animals. MooPig Naturals opening in October 2010 🙂