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Why is Nail Polish So Bad?
November 4, 2010, 12:20 am
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I am a big fan of polish on my nails. I will not be caught dead out of the house in flip flops without my toe nails painted. I feel like my toes are naked! However after learning about the horrible chemicals in nail

polish, I went without polish for 6 months. But really…I missed it. I had a Sunday ritual where I would sit and watch TV and paint all 20 of my was relaxing to me…even though I held my breath for half the time to prevent a head ache and nausea, and had to ventilate my room with the windows open in the dead of winter….and not to mention that time I spilled nail polish remover on my couch and it smelled so bad for weeks. So MAYBE it wasn’t the most relaxing memory in my life but i really do like having my nails painted!! 🙂

So what is in Nail Polish? Well for starters, some have formaldehyde. In tests (involving animals) they found that this ingredient caused cancer. It also may irritate your nose and throat and cause breathing to become difficult. The second ingredient to watch out for is Toluene. This has been known to cause birth defects in lab animals as well as skin irritation. The third is Dibutyl Phthalate which is used to soften plastic. Gee I wonder what it is doing to our nails? This has been linked to early puberty in girls and uterine problems in women.

Notice that these are all tested on animals! So sad. The chemicals are so toxic! I remember I thought it was normal for my nails to become soft, brittle, and yellow after using nail polish. This was just because of all of the chemicals! It strips your nail and causes it to be super weak. Especially those that are in nail salons.

Luckily many have stepped up to the plate to reformulate their polish. OPI has gotten rid of these three toxic ingredients for the most part but you can still find Formaldehyde in their nail hardeners even though they claim it is a safe amount. Which…is there really a safe amount of this? However they are not Vegan so they do contain carmine (from boiling a certain insect).

My favorite nail polish EVER is Priti!!! I sell them at MooPig Naturals and I wear it everyday! Their soy polish remover is amazing..I would stick my nose in that bottle! (Weird) And the polish goes on similar to OPI and stays on. They have awesome colors and I just made an order for fun fall colors! They are Cruelty Free and Vegan and have none of the nasty toxic chemicals. Most of all they do not leave your nails yellow or brittle and the soy remover actually moisturizes your nails rather than kills them! I love!

MooPig Naturals sells them for 11.99 which is around the price of OPI and other high end nail polish companies. Cheaper than most that Sephora offers. And you are supporting a vegan company!

Click here to be brought to the Priti line! And watch for fall colors coming soon!


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