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Letter to Anyone Who Harms Animals
November 5, 2010, 5:42 pm
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Dear…Anyone who does any harm to animals…

Lab workers who argue for animal testing show studies of how similar animals are to us. You test on animals and use these findings in treating people as well as approving products for human use. When we ask why. You say that animals have similar bodies than us. Pigs are dissected because they have the same muscle structure as us, liver, intestines, stomach, spleen, and lungs. You test on sheep and dissect them because they have the same heart as us, eyes, and the structure of the brain. We have endless similarities with monkeys, so you test on them and perform horrible surgeries without caring for the monkey. Any FDA approved product needs to be tested on animals because you say that we are SO similar. But let me ask you something. If we have the same structure as these animals, and the same genetic make up…then why is it so easy for you to be blind to their feelings, pain, and the fact that they deserve life just as much as we do.

However, when it comes to eating these similar beings. We are instructed on how DIFFERENT we are than animals. You say animals do not deserve to live and that they are here for us to use and eat. You say that we are part of the food chain and we are supposed to eat animals. You call chickens dumb and tell me that they know no difference between living and dying. You tell me that these animals really have no clue what is going on. And people believe you! Well I don’t…not for one second.

We walk in the grocery store with death lining the back end of the store. On the right side is the milk that is meant for baby cows yet we consume it as adults in large quantities. We consume more milk than any baby cow receives. We put a price tag on this death that is packaged so neatly in Styrofoam and cellophane. Then we buy this death and feed it to our selves and the people we love. And we support the actions that you all take part in. We support it all and we buy into your brain washing marketing schemes.

Well I am not.

I am a Vegan. I am an animal lover. I do not eat my friends and I do not support YOU. I will tell everyone I can about what you are doing and you will soon be broke. People will wake up and come out of the cloud you put upon their minds. I promise you.


A Lover of Life, A Lover of the Living, and a Vegan.


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