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What Would You Say If I Just Told You That I Ate My Own Arm and then My Dog?
September 29, 2010, 3:07 pm
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Eating People?

Seriously…what would you say? You would probably think I have mental problems and call the nearest mental hospital. But in reality…how is this different. Okay I guess eating my OWN arm may mean that I am a bit mental…but what if I ate a friend’s arm. What if I went up to someone in Starbucks and just started chewing on their arms. Is it different than eating meat? Nope it is not. The only difference is that it is REALLY not accepted in our society. Obviously you know this. If human arms were prepackaged and put in the meat isle…it would be the same concept as eating a steak. Sure we are eating our own species but so do animals in factory farms. They are fed a nice little mix of all types of animal parts. Especially pigs. So in a nutshell…eating a person is not very different than eating a cow. Same organs, we have blood, we were once living, have emotions….Eat Me? NO!

If I ate my dog…I would be all over the news. But isnt that the same thing as raising a pig and eating it? Why is it that a dog will make the news but not a pig…or a cow..or a chicken. How did dogs get this label of being like a family member but the SECOND a pig is born, it is seen as bacon. This annoys me to no end.

I talk to a lot of 3 year olds. They see pigs as piggies…cows as cows…dogs as puppies…and chickens as birdies. They have not made that mental connection between the burger they eat and the cow sticker on their lunch boxes. Why can’t we see the animals as what they are without putting some sort of food label on them.

My dream in life is that this will happen. I hope that one day, all animals are brought into this world for the sole purpose of living. I hope that our farm animal population dramatically decreases. Not because they have all been killed but because less will be brought into this world…meaning less will be slaughtered…meaning less will have miserable unfair lives. And the ones that are born will live the life that they deserve.


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